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Symposium 2022

Planning for the Symposium began in Fall 2021. Please check back for more details or contact the Administrator at

Think Tank 2021

May 19, May 27 & June 2, 2021

The Think Tank took place virtually over three half days with each day focusing on a different topic. Session 1 discussed Online Gambling during COVID-19, Session 2 addressed Single Event Sports Betting and Session 3 saw member organizations addressing organizational responses to challenges, potential approaches and opportunities for collaboration.

Symposium 2018

Breaking Through: Shame, Silence, and Stigma

The goals of the symposium were 1) to foster greater understanding of the type and range of service options and the underlying attitudes and beliefs that are barriers to those seeking supports and effective treatment, 2) to equip operators, RG practitioners and others to motivate and inspire those with gambling problems to seek treatment and successfully navigate the support services continuum, 3) to work towards the provision of common, resonant language and a range of tools that can be applied within our organizations, and 4) to learn from other leaders and share in their strategies for reducing stigma.

Symposium 2017

The Blurring of Gambling and Gaming: Implications for Responsible Gambling

Participants from government, non-profit organizations, gaming regulators, operators, research, and treatment organizations met to explore the increasingly blurry line between gambling and gaming. Through group exercises and presentations, symposium participants examined important questions with a core goal of understanding the differences between gambling and gaming. This symposium was not designed to necessarily answer all of the questions, but rather to spark the process of understanding what the evolving nature of gaming and gambling means for responsible gambling initiatives.

Symposium 2016

Social Marketing for Responsible Gambling: Leading the Way to Behavioural Change

The objectives of the symposium were 1) to understand the principles of social marketing including the concepts, potential applications and relevance to changing or influencing consumer knowledge, attitudes and behaviours, 2) to understand the benefits, limitations, challenges and opportunities that social marketing can yield, 3) to learn about examples of effective and non-effective social marketing efforts in related and non-related industries, and 4) to understand how to measure the effectiveness of social marketing efforts.